INFINITI: A whole range of good ideas

The INFINITI model range appeals to people from all walks of life, whether they want a tech-laden, sporty and luxurious executive saloon, or a rugged SUV, all models are built to the same exacting, high-quality standards.

The INFINITI model range

INFINITI offers a range of superb luxury cars, all offered with a host of high-output petrol, diesel and hybrid power plants, all installed within cars built to the highest degree of quality and craftsmanship. INFINITI also offers unrivalled levels of standard equivalent – such as double glazing on the INFINITI Q70 saloon – compared to its rivals, thereby giving a fantastic level of craftmanship for money.

“INFINITI vehicles are built to the highest degree of quality and craftsmanship”

INFINITI's range structure is split into two basic families; saloons, coupés, hatches and convertibles are part of the Q family, while the company's SUVs and crossovers are QX models. This simple naming logic allows consumers to know precisely which kind of INFINITI is right for them.

Each model family is then further divided with double-digit suffixes, representing that particular vehicle's place in the model hierarchy. The INFINITI Q50 executive saloon was the first model to adopt this new naming strategy, when it was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and it has now been rolled out across the whole range. Already, it has enhanced the brand's cohesiveness within the market, as well as shaping its ambitions for rapid growth within a hugely competitive arena.



Premium Sports Coupe

INFINITI Q60 Premium Sports Coupe

INFINITI promised that it would turn its daring concept car into a stunning reality – and here it is. Blessed with muscular curves and exhilarating performance, the all-new INFINITI Q60 is luxury performance sports coupe like no other. This uniquely-stylish premium model exudes grace, power and luxury – effortlessly appealing to drivers who challenge convention.

“INFINITI's luxury sports coupe concept is now a stunning reality”

Available with a choice of turbocharged engines – including a 3.0-litre V6 producing a thrilling 400bhp – the all-new Q60 offers truly revolutionary performance and rewarding handing. Enhancements such as INFINITI's new Dynamic Digital Suspension and Direct Adaptive Steering instantly empower drivers, delivering a perfect blend of responsiveness and enhanced ride comfort.

With bold styling and sharp contours, the all-new Q60 is a unique presence on the road. It's every bit as impressive inside, with a luxurious, handcrafted cabin featuring premium materials and class-leading entertainment including InTouch dual-screen technology and a generous suite of intelligent driver aids.

The all-new Q60 is a truly engaging luxury sports coupe, yet proves exceptionally good value thanks to its stunning performance-to-efficiency ratio. Powerful, elegant and daring – with the performance credentials to match – the next-generation Q60 affirms INFINITI's leadership of the premium sports couple class.



Premium Active Compact


The first ever INFINITI Q30 is a premium active compact designed for those seeking urban individuality. Designed in the UK at INFINITI Design London, Engineered in the UK at Cranfield and produced in the UK Sunderland plant – the stunning model is a UK masterpiece. With sleek lines and innovative technology the Q30 challenges conventions.

The INFINITI Q30 empowers you to move effortlessly through the city with handling as agile as it is smooth, whilst ingenious technologies help ease you through dense traffic and into tight spaces.

“From a distance or up close, the Q30 looks like nothing else. The captivating design is taken further with the Q30 City Black Edition by highlighting its uniqueness and celebrating your individuality”

Combining the sportiness of a coupé and the empowered stance of a crossover, the Q30 premium compact hatchback is set to challenge convention. With head-turning design and impeccable craftsmanship, the Q30 boasts striking lines, distinctive stance and countless innovations inside; the category-defying car breaks the mould of conventional design offering something new and distinctive.

The Frankfurt Motor Show saw the launch of the new INFINITI Q30 on 15th September 2015. Its striking contours and imposing stance drew in the crowds, who were further impressed by its innovative technology and luxurious finish. Equally adept on city streets and winding country roads, this active compact is set to host a new experience in the compact segment.



Sports Saloon

INFINITI Q50 sports saloon

It's always a tough decision when it comes to choosing your next executive car. Do you follow the crowd and go with what everyone else does, or do you want to stand out? To be an individual? If you do, then the INFINITI Q50 saloon is the car for you.

“It features world-first technologies such as Direct Adaptive Steering”

This is a model which offers unrivalled performance and control, while the cutting-edge systems put pure power right to the fingertips of the driver. With its dynamic design showing off its muscular proportions, yet still managing to look refined and dignified, the INFINITI Q50 is the perfect way to be individual. It features world-first technologies such as Direct Adaptive Steering – a steer-by-wire system – and class-leading entertainment from its InTouch dual touch-screen technology, while the range of petrol, diesel and hybrid powertrains combine performance and efficiency to maximum effect.

Despite the cutting-edge nature of the INFINITI Q50 saloon, it's not a car that's left value behind, as it offers one of the most comprehensive standard equipment levels of any car in this highly competitive class. So stand out from the crowd with the unrivalled INFINITI Q50 saloon.



Luxury Saloon


With dynamic and imposing styling giving the INFINITI Q70 saloon the presence to stand out against its more sombre rivals, it combines all the essential factors of an outstanding executive saloon. The INFINITI Q70 saloon uses unique features such as double glazing and super-soft semi-analine leather to give a luxurious ambience, with best-in-class roominess – especially in the back seats.

“The Q70 offers outstanding quietness, notably with double glazing windows and noise control (ANC) technology”

The driver's not been forgotten though, with active four-wheel steering keeping the person at the helm entertained. There's the technology, which offers unrivalled levels of control and innovation to the driver, to the smooth, powerful and efficient range of petrol, diesel and hybrid powertrains.

The INFINITI Q70 saloon is also sure to appeal on a more objective level, too, with the diesel model especially offering unrivalled efficiency in this sector. INFINITI is also proud to offer exceptional levels of equipment and beautiful craftsmanship, in the shape of the Japanese Ash wood trim. A beautifully comfortable ride and peerless handling are also part of the INFINITI Q70 experience, as are luxurious features such as the luxury Forest Air system, innovative parking sensors and a 360 degree Around View camera. So experience the luxurious INFINITI Q70 for yourself today at your local INFINITI Centre.



Formidable Crossover


The INFINITI QX70 SUV takes all of these elements and puts them into a larger and luxuriously-sized package. Its expressive and powerful design really makes it stand out. Its imposing size doesn't affect its performance, or agility, thanks to its powerful petrol and diesel engines and its Rear Active Steer system, while manoeuvring into a parking space is easy, thanks to the birds-eye view you get from the Around View Monitor.

cutting-edge future laid bare

The stunning QX50 Concept defines what it is to be an INFINITI. Ambitious, futuristic and luxurious. The QX50 is a premium mid-size SUV that challenges conventional thinking from the wheels up with its exceptional craftsmanship, imposing design and next-generation performance.

A masterclass in powerful elegance, the QX50 will be available with a choice of powertrains including INFINITI's VC-Turbo – the world's first mass-production variable compression ratio engine. A compelling alternative to diesel, this revolutionary technology defies convention, yielding effortless torque and fuel efficiency gains of up 27% (when compared to a V6 engine).

“THE QX50 is a bold expression of INFINITI's bright future”

Firmly focused on driver engagement, the QX50's autonomous driver support systems act as a 'co-pilot', handling stop and go traffic, keeping the car inside a lane and maintaining distance to a vehicle in front. The goal is to empower, rather than replace human control.

Designed to exceed expectations, the refined cabin features luxurious real wood, premium leather, and precise stitching, exhibiting a degree of artistry and craftsmanship that redefines what you can expect from a mid-size premium SUV.

With the unveiling of the QX50, INFINITI has once again demonstrated its pioneering spirit. From its revolutionary technology to its unrivalled fuel efficiency, the QX50 is a bold celebration of a brand with an extremely bright future.